The MUFF Society (Monthly Underground Female Film Society)…

is a feminist community (and former screening series) based in Toronto that aims to celebrate the achievements of women—both on and off screen—in film and television.


In 2018... 

We continue to champion women in the film/TV industry through our vibrant online community. We share stories and news of interest and information about local women-centric films and events across our social channels and curate essays and filmmaker interviews on our blog.

We Want...

The MUFF Society to be a place where we can support  and celebrate #WomenInFilm and have a damn good time doing it too. Join us! (Oh, and if you were wondering about the name...)


We did this at our monthly screening series (Dec '14 -Dec '17) by programming women-centric films that also featured powerhouse women behind the scenes: directors, writers, editors, etc. We curated a short film program (mini MUFF), conversation series (Reel Girl Talk), and  doc series (HER-Story). We also had prior pop-ups in NYC and San Francisco.


SIÂN - Founder, Director

Siân dreamt up The MUFF Society to express her love for women, movies, and photo booths. Having worked at film festivals for over eight years, she is a fierce lover of cinema and the filmmaker/audience experience. She likes to write and talk about movies and has contributed to outlets like Film School Rejects and Women & Hollywood. When she’s not talking about her MUFF (ha), she’s probably binge-watching her latest TV obsession or talking about herself in the third person.

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SEANA - Creative Producer

Check back soon for bio!



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