The Numbers.


4,899 followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
43% Canada, 36% USA, 9% UK)

49.2 K average monthly Twitter impressions

15.8k average monthly Facebook impressions
9.4k average monthly Facebook reach

43% average monthly newsletter opens
7.2% average monthly newsletter clicks


We are proud to have partnered with incredible organizations like Christie Pits Film Festival, Toronto Silent Film Festival and Open Roof Film Festival.

We have also worked with these organizations for events, giveaways, promo, and film coverage: NetflixeOne, Mongrel Media, TIFF, Taro PR, Touchwood PR, GAT PR, JAYU Human Rights Film Festival, DocNow, Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, Etheria Film Night.


Co-Presenter — Toronto Outdoor Picture Show
TOPS Opening Weekend: Thelma & Louise
Co-Presenter — Christie Pits Film Festival
Rafiki, Grey Gardens
Co-Presenter — Toronto True Crime Film Festival
Theodore Docu-series Sneak Peek
Co-Presenter — Breakthroughs Film Festival
Titanyum, Turning Ten

Co-Presenter —
Open Roof Film Festival
Co-presenter — Toronto Outdoor Picture Show
Co-Presenter — Christie Pits Film Festival
Porch Stories, Waste Land
Co-Presenter — Breakthroughs Film Festival
Jessica Jessica, Amaretta
Community Partner — Toronto True Crime Film Festival
Opening Night Film: Abducted in Plain Sight
Co-Presenter — The Royal Stompbox
Here to be Heard: The Story of the Slits

Co-Presenter — 
Goethe Institut Toronto
Ulrike Ottinger series
Co-Presenter — Toronto Silent Film Festival
The Sensation Seekers

Partner —
Black Women Film! Canada 
Reel Girl Talk x BWF! Short Film Night
Co-Presenter — Goethe Institut Toronto 
Margarethe & Barbara series
Co-Presenter — Christie Pits Film Festival 
Bee Nation
Co-Presenter Trash Palace
Judy Blume/Beverly Cleary Night
Co-Presenter — Toronto Silent Film Festival 
Chicago, Little Annie Rooney

Co-Presenter — Goethe Institut Toronto 
fHEISTy Women Robbing Banks series
Co-Presenter — Christie Pits Film Festival 
I Put A Hit On You, Meek's Cutoff
Co-Presenter — Drunken Cinema 
The Slumber Party Massacre
Co-Presenter — Toronto Silent Film Festival 
Opening Night Film: Why Be Good?

Community Partner — TIFF 
Beyond Badass: Female Action Heroes series


…because wondering if other publications giggle whenever they type out "MUFF" is a constant source of amusement for us.