ALI - Pop-Up Shop Coordinator

Alexandra (Ali) Chappell is a small town girl living Toronto, ON. She has a Triple Threat degree from The Randolph Academy For The Performing Arts and has been working as an actor for the past decade. In her spare time she writes for a number of websites including, The Cinemaholic, and Rebelle Society. She trains in archery, hikes constantly and travels as often as she can. You can often find her at local coffee shops in Parkdale or hanging out by the waterfront.

ANDREA - Newsletter Princess, mini MUFF programmer

Andrea is an ardent feminist and supporter of women filmmakers. She has her Honors BA in Film Studies from Western University and has been working in television post production and film production for three years. An obsessive movie watcher and tumblr nerd, she can happily submerge herself in 90’s nostalgia until the cows come home.

BRANDY -  Event Social Media Coordinator

Brandy is a level 12 half-orc who loves weapons, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, and Brand New. She once interviewed Kevin Smith while she was naked, and DEX is her dump stat- as her shattered iPhone screen can attest. She collects cookbooks and is a very avid, though bad, knitter.

EMILY - Reel Girl Talk Producer

Emily is a lifelong Ghost Girl™ who lives on slasher flicks, feminism and breakfast food. She started Cinefilles and is the co-founder of Spooky B Films, a production company focused on creating new horror films about girls (and women). This one time, Gillian Anderson shared a story she wrote (“How Dana Scully taught me to believe—in myself”) and she ascended to Valhalla. She returned to Earth sometime in the fall of 2016, solely to start MUFF series Reel Girl Talk (and dress up like Jillian Holtzmann for Halloween)

JENNIFER  HER-Story Producer

Jennifer is a dedicated cineaste and passionate about the Canadian Film Industry. She enjoys scriptwriting, The Mindy Project, and uke-king out to her favourite songs. When she is not engrossed in a film project, she is practicing yoga or dancing like no one is watching... which happens at least twice a day!

LISA - Producer, Programmer

Lisa is an avid cinephile and uber-lovely person (Astron-6 said so!). When not deep in MUFF, she works as the Social Media Coordinator for Toronto After Dark and the Volunteer Coordinator for Blood In The Snow. She is a lover of carbs, caffeine, and Wet Hot American Summer. Her heart belongs to a tall, bald dude and her two cats, Doug and Lou.

NICOLE - mini MUFF Programmer

Nicole is super excited to finally be a part of the MUFF family! She is a film enthusiast and works at several different film festivals each year. If you need to find Nicole at any time, she can probably be found watching some kind of soccer match or baseball game (go Blue Jays!) and talking about sports in general. She also has an unhealthy Tegan & Sara obsession.

TRACY - Pre-Show Content Producer

Tracy watches so much (too much?) film and TV that she can spot an actor in the background and instantly tell you five other roles from their career. By day she’s a marketing professional; by night she’s an avid gamer, film producer, aspiring illustrator and unapologetic snort laugh-er. Her favourite things include her partner, their two cats, film/game scores, chips and 1971’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.


RICHELLE -   Producer, Programmer (To)

RICHELLE - Producer, Programmer (To)

SYDNEY   - Pre-Show Content Producer, mini MUFF programmer (To)

SYDNEY - Pre-Show Content Producer, mini MUFF programmer (To)

NICOLE  -  Photographer (TO)

NICOLE Photographer (TO)

Andrée - AnnE - Event Social Media Coordinator (TO)

Andrée-AnnE - Event Social Media Coordinator (TO)

CHELSEA  -  Producer, Programmer (SF)

CHELSEA - Producer, Programmer (SF)

TIA  -  Producer, Programmer (SF)

TIA - Producer, Programmer (SF)

LINDSAY  -  Producer, Programmer (NYC)

LINDSAY - Producer, Programmer (NYC)

AUBREY  -  Sponsorship Coordinator (NYC)

AUBREY Sponsorship Coordinator (NYC)

NATALIE  -  Marketing Coordinator (NYC)

NATALIE Marketing Coordinator (NYC)

KATE  -  Mini MUFF Producer (NYC)

KATE - Mini MUFF Producer (NYC)