Hi there! So you'd like to contribute to our collaborative MUFF Blog on Medium? Fantastic! Just follow these handy-dandy steps and you'll be just fine. 

What we want (other than to zig-a-zag-ah).

We aren’t a review site; there are tons of those out there and we want to do something different. You know how when you’re with a friend and they’re telling you about this amazing film that you HAVE to see and they’re so excited you almost want to leave immediately to go see it? We want that passion, the intimacy of sharing something you love with good friends. Right now these are our more popular types of posts:

Interviews: interviews with women in the film/television industry. We especially like to highlight short filmmakers and/or local filmmakers. 

MUFF Picks: the same format as a MUFF Profile except with the specific purpose to highlight a crowdfunding campaign. 

#MUFFApproved: any film/TV show that you feel is feminist. Tip: instead of critiquing or judging your pick, try answering this question: “What makes this #MUFFApproved?” If your answer is the plot or an awesome character, write about that. If it’s because one of the major crew members is a woman, write about her. If it’s because the actress is an inspiring force of nature, write about that.

Have an idea of your own? We’re always looking to expand our blog and make it more awesome!


  • Please keep the writing conversational, casual, and fun. Imagine you’re telling a friend a story. Or your mum or your cat. Try to keep it around 350 words and make it personal—use “I” and “me” instead of “we” or “they.”
  • Swearing is totally fucking okay.
  • We will do a very basic edit of your submission, mostly for grammar. If we feel a lot needs to be edited, we will send it back to you with notes.
  • Wanna submit a video? Cool! They should be no longer than 5 minutes and be appropriate (read: legal) for Youtube. (By sending us a link to or copy of your video, you give The MUFF Society permission to post it to our own Youtube page. Please indicate any specific credits you would like for the Youtube description.)

The nitty-gritty.

  1. Please email us ( with what you would like to write about and your Medium username. We will give your idea the go-ahead and then add you as a writer to our publication.
  2. When you’ve been added as a writer, you can write your piece on Medium and submit it to our Publication. We can supply you with a help guide if you need it!
  3. If you would like to re-post your contribution to your own website, feel free as long as you note that it was originally published at The MUFF Society at the top.