The MUFF Society

A feminist community that celebrates women in film/TV.

The MUFF Society (Monthly Underground Female Film Society) is a feminist community based in Toronto that celebrates women—both on and off screen—in film and television. We accomplish this by by providing our community with stories of interest, news about local women-centric films and events, and writing/profiles on our blog.

PAST Toronto muffians.

RICHELLE - Producer, Programmer

Richelle is also a writer for Rue Morgue magazine and Broken Pencil magazine and she's the programming and marketing associate at The Royal Cinema, where she also curates a film series called Retropath. She works closely with Ultra 8 Pictures as a personal assistant to the producers and occasionally appears on podcasts such as Alone in the Dark. She's pretty sure those are all her jobs, but who knows, seriously. 

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SYDNEY - Pre-Show Content Producer, mini MUFF programmer

Sydney’s understanding of the universe has been shaped by movies. Her heart belongs to the movies and the movies only, which is why she enrolled in the BFA Film Studies program at Ryerson University. You might catch her cycling around Toronto, but if not she’s probably sitting in a theatre or binging British Netflix.

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NICOLE Photographer

Nicole likes taking pictures, watching movies, and sparkly things, so there was never any doubt that she was made for MUFF. She loves MUFF so much that she commutes all the way from Hamilton, where she spends her time working a boring job and cuddling her roommate's dog, to be at the screenings. She also loves the Carlton’s whisky sour slushy, but that’s beside the point.


ANDREE-ANNE - Live Event Corespondent

When she is not overseeing her kingdom as the Queen of Pixie Dust and Mother of Dragons at Spin Master, Andree-Anne can either be found in a movie theatre watching her favourite film Alien, in front of the television watching her favourite show The X-Files, or on Facebook not taking any shit from anyone. She likes David Bowie, Sailor Moon, and debating a wide variety of feminist topics.

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