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MUFF TO: Death Proof

  • Imagine Carlton Cinema 20 Carlton Street Toronto, ON, M5B 2H5 Canada (map)

Pop-Up Shop + Photobooth: 8:00 PM
Film: 9:00 PM
Tickets: $10!!!!!! (Get advance tickets here!)

Fair ladies and gentlemen, your chariot awaits. And it is 100% mother f*cking death proof. Join us on June 14th for a screening of Quentin Tarantino's explosive DEATH PROOF, where every seat in the theatre is death proof (we promise).

You may be wondering, "Why a Quentin Tarantino film?" Well, we have two words for you: Sally Menke. She worked with Tarantino editing every single one of his films up until her death in 2010. Tarantino often described Menke as his "only, truly genuine collaborator." Last year we celebrated another badass editor/director relationship (GOODFELLAS, edited by her majesty Thelma Schoonmaker) and it was high time we did the same for Sally. (Hi Sally!)

And you may also be wondering, "Okay, well why DEATH PROOF then?" Well, we have two more words for you: Zoë Bell. Tarantino wrote her role especially for her after being blown away by her stunt work on KILL BILL. And, damn skippy, you haven't lived until you've seen that car chase scene with her strapped to the hood of the car.

So come and celebrate Sally Menke, Zoë Bell, all the other badass women in this movie, feet, and Kurt Russell getting beat up by said badass women with us.

We normally match our short film with our feature but as this month is also Pride Month, we decided to celebrate it with our mini MUFF selection: You Say Good Morning at Midnight directed by Sarah Rotella.

Our pop-up shop will include:

Kaytee with Lady No Brow

Aida with Aida Collection

Elize with Elize Frances Art

Sarah with Sooper Slooth

Jenn with Jenn Woodall Art

A big thank you to our MUFF Friends & sponsors of this event: Imagine Cinemas CarltonThe BeguilingThe Candy BarCondom ShackTOA Print & PromoteIron Lion Training Inc.Lady No Brow, Sooper Slooth, andAida Collection. Check back closer to the event for more sponsor announcements.


The MUFF Society (Monthly Underground Female Film Society) is a feminist screening series based in Toronto, (with prior pop-ups in New York City and San Francisco). We aim to champion women in film both on and off screen and we do this by programming films that have awesome female characters and/or have powerhouse female players behind the scenes: directors, writers, editors, producers etc. We are also an online community that aims to keeps the conversations about women in film flowing and supports and promotes other film events and initiatives which are focused on women in film.


Our awesome venue and home base, The Carlton, has a fully accessible entrance, snack area (very important), theatres, and toilets. If you have any additional accessibility concerns, please reach out to us in advance of a screening. MUFF is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all of our patrons and will do our best to accommodate. You can read more about Imagine Cinema’s Accessibility Plan here.