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MUFF TO x Etheria: The Being & Blood Diner - A Jackie Kong Double Feature & Slumber Party!

  • The Carlton Cinema 20 Carlton Street Toronto, ON, M5B 2H5 Canada (map)

Lobby Fun: 8:00 PM
Film Start: 9:00 PM & 11:00 PM
Tickets: $15 for both films!!! (Buy tickets here!)
Prizes: All night long!

RSVP through the FB Event! 

This month MUFF has teamed up with Etheria to bring you Toronto MUFF fans a night of ‘80s b-movie horror and the darkest, creepiest, bloodiest female-directed Canadian shorts we could find!

Just like the good ol’ slumber parties of our youth, we’re ready to put on our best jammies, grab some snacks, and watch those sleazy, campy horror flicks we used to pluck from the rental shelves based on VHS covers alone. From director Jackie Kong, we will be screening a double bill of The Being (1983) and Blood Diner (1987)!

A decapitation-loving mutant toxic waste monster? Check. A town that is more concerned with threats to potato crops than threats to themselves? Double check. Academy Award winning actor Martin Landau as a shady scientist? Yup. How about a talking brain in a jar? You betcha! The resurrection of an ancient goddess of blood and lust? Of course. Dismemberment, cannibalism, and eyeball mutilation? Heck yes! Nude aerobics AND nude martial arts? You are definitely in for a night you won’t forget!

Seriously, how can you argue with Amazon reviews like these?!

“As an absolutely enjoyable, laugh-aloud funny, cheesy B-level horror movie, this is possibly unbeatable!!” - The Being

“Be forewarned: Gone With The Wind this ain't. Just grab yourself some popcorn, sit back, and put your brain on hold!” - The Being

“Blood Diner is a masterpiece. I've never seen a more hilariously inept, tasteless film. . . . The ridiculously complicated, nonsensical, convoluted plot makes a lot more sense if you're on substances. Some genuinely disturbing, wonderfully gothic plot twists and images intermingled with the absurd.” - Blood Diner

“Its hilarious mixture of slapstick humor and comic gore makes it one of the most entertaining and under-appreciated films of its kind. . . . It manages to walk the fine line between camp and typical ‘80s cheese, coming out on top thanks to Kong's smart handling of the material and spirited directing, as well as the animated performances given by each of the cast members (including the tasteless humor of Uncle Anwar's disembodied brain). Blood Diner is an ultimate guilty pleasure, and a real treat for fans of ‘80s trash!” - Blood Diner

“I recommend a healthy dose of LSD before viewing, but even straight, you'll laugh your bag off!” - Blood Diner

Each of these feature films will be accompanied by a video intro and Q&A session from director Jackie Kong, as well as a block of local and Canadian shorts! Check out our awesome lineup:

To screen before The Being:

Fish Out Of Water (dir. Kirsten Carthew)
Mitten (dir. Amanda Row)
Remote Viewing (dir. Kristen Anderson-Sauvé)

To screen before Blood Diner:

Grace (dir. Karen Nielsen)
The Makeover (dir. Dara Jade Moats)
Madre De Dios *special sneak peek!* (dir. Gigi Saul Guerrero)

Join us in the lobby at 8:00 PM for photobooth fun, a tasty themed MUFFtail, and limited-edition buttons for sale. Stay up and party with us if you can, we’ll be giving prizes away all night long!

A big thank you to our MUFF Friends & sponsors of this event: EtheriaCarlton CinemaCinefillesThe BeguilingThe Candy BarCoal Miner’s DaughterMalabar Ltd.,Cursed4Life, and Fiendish Fancies. Check back closer to the event for more sponsor announcements.

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