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MUFF TO x Bring It On

Lobby Fun: 8:00 PM
Film: 9:00 PM
Tickets: $10!!!!!! (Buy tickets here!)


We’re sexy. We’re cute. We’re MUFF lovers to boot.

This month MUFF’s getting spirited with Jessica Bendinger’s Bring It On, the classic tale of friendship, cheerocracy, and what to do when it’s cold in here.

Precious baby angel Kirsten Dunst (who probably holds some sort of MUFF award at this point for Most Films Programmed) stars as Torrance Shipman, the new head of a championing cheerleading squad who has recently discovered that the ruthless ex-captain Big Red stole all of their most successful routines from a different school. Torrance now has to race to figure out how to compete at the upcoming championships, and deal with all of the guilt that comes with performing years worth of stolen routines, all while dealing with some confusing feelings for a new dude.

We will try our very hardest to not scream out cheers as the movie plays, but this movie is so much fun that it will have you dancing around your living room for days practising your very best spirit fingers.

Join us in the lobby at 8:00 PM for photobooth fun, a very special themed MUFFtail, and limited-edition Bring It On buttons for sale! Even though you’re a hardcore gymnast, we’re positive that jumping up and down yelling “Go Team Go!” in the Carlton lobby is gonna satisfy anyway!

Awesome, oh wow! Like, totally freak me out! I mean, right on! Our Mini MUFF selection this month sure is number one! This month we’re screening the short film Crystal, from local filmmaker Chell Stephen!

A big thank you to our MUFF Friends & sponsors of this event: Carlton CinemaCINEFILLESThe Beguiling Books & ArtThe Candy Bar, andCoal Miner's Daughter. Check back closer to the event for more sponsor announcements.