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MUFF NYC x Tank Girl

TICKETS: $7!!! (Buy advance tickets here!)

Hiiiiiiiii—feeling a little inadequate? We know. It’s September. Most people are experiencing the back-to-school blues, or the summer-is-over sorrows. Luckily we know exactly what you need to cheer you up!

Join us on September 17th for a screening celebrating everyone’s favourite post-apocalyptic comic hero, Tank Girl!

What can you expect? An amazing 90′s soundtrack, some incredibly dated (and yet, weirdly futuristic) outfits, and a LOT of profanity. And that’s just the feature! We’ll be showcasing a local short film to open the night, giving away Tank Girl-themed prizes, and showered you all with lady power (and freebies, because who doesn’t like free stuff?)

We’ll be announcing our prize giveaways and short film leading up to the event so STAY TUNED and lock up your sons…

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