The MUFF Society

A feminist community that celebrates women in film/TV.

The MUFF Society is a feminist screening series and community based in Toronto that aims to champion women in film both on and off screen. We do this through a variety of initiatives, including a short film program (miniMUFF), conversation series (Reel Girl Talk), documentary series (HER-Story), and blog.

MUFF SF x Legally Blonde

  • Vogue Theatre 3290 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA, 94115 United States

TICKETS: $10.50

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This month's Mini MUFF selection is Rosita Lopez for President, directed by Rachel Goldberg.

There’s nothing better than when a man asks a woman, “You got into Harvard?” and she replies, “What, like it’s hard?” 

This month we celebrate women who prove you wrong. Whether you’re stereotyped because you dress like a goth, because of your age, or because you like manicures, cosmos, and the bend-and-snap, it doesn’t mean you’re not an intelligent, kick-ass person who is capable of more than you ever imagined.

On October 8th, join us in your most colorful garb and the flashiest manicure to celebrate a movie that encourages women to fight for themselves—both in education and for full custody of their puppies!

As always, come early for the reception and photobooth, and get ready for some perfect for a rainy-day raffle prizes.

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