The MUFF Society

A feminist community that celebrates women in film/TV.

The MUFF Society is a feminist screening series and community based in Toronto that aims to champion women in film both on and off screen. We do this through a variety of initiatives, including a short film program (miniMUFF), conversation series (Reel Girl Talk), documentary series (HER-Story), and blog.


Reel Girl Talk is a discussion-based screening spinoff of The MUFF Society (Monthly Underground Female Film Society). In addition to screening films made by and/or about women and other marginalized groups, Reel Girl Talk encourages critical analysis of these works and the way they present issues these communities are facing. After each Reel Girl Talk screening, women from varying age groups, backgrounds, and experiences will be invited to compare and contrast the film they have just seen with their own lives.

Our past Reel Girl Talk events include:

Girl, Interrupted and a discussion of women and mental health
moderated by film critic Tina Hassannia and featuring filmmaker and Film Fatales TO co-founder Chloe Sosa-Sims (Dan and Margot) and comedian Shelley Marshall (founder of Toronto's Mental Wellness Loft)

Dear White People and a discussion of the black female experience
featuring  Great Black North co-host Devon M.D. Jones and filmmaker Alicia Harris

"As the discussion wrapped up, both women spoke about the need to listen to people of colour, particularly women of colour, when they speak about an issue that affects them, whether on screen or off. To quote Alicia, 'Unless you acknowledge there’s a problem, how can you fix it?'" - Dear White People event recap.

Girlfight and a discussion of women in sports
featuring Steph “Iron Lioness” Dykstra and Mackenzie Duffy of WiSE Talk

"The boyfriend thing was just one topic that came up during our discussion portion, where Mackenzie asked Steph — who, in addition to running Iron Lion Training Inc., is a boxer, power lifter and martial arts coach! —  how the film compares to her own experiences and what she might like to change about the film to make it more reflective. While Steph explained that she thought the film was generally “great” and relatable, she also admitted she could have done without the “love story”, including that final fight." - Girlfight event recap.

9 to 5 and a discussion on women in the workplace
featuring founder of Feminist Live Reads Chandler Levack, Labour Activist Jessica Sikora, Her Name Is podcast creators Jenny Tang and Emily Milling, and founders of The Bechdel Bill Joella Crichton and Imogen Grace

"If 9 to 5 can teach us anything (aside from, you know, the fact that we still have A LONG WAY TO GO in terms of equal rights for women), it’s that, in many cases, in order to start making changes, we have to put aside our differences and get real (or, in our case, reel) with one another." - 9 to 5 event recap.

Reel Girl Talk is produced by Emily Gagne (founder of Cinefilles and co-founder of Spooky B Films). If you are interested in getting involved with RGT (of course you are!), please contact her here. 

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