The MUFF Society

A feminist community that celebrates women in film/TV.

The MUFF Society is a feminist screening series and community based in Toronto that aims to champion women in film both on and off screen. We do this through a variety of initiatives, including a short film program (miniMUFF), conversation series (Reel Girl Talk), documentary series (HER-Story), and blog.

NYC muffians. 

LINDSAY - NYC Producer, Programmer

Lindsay is a passionate content creator and film programmer from Toronto, Canada. Her enthusiasm for sharing engaging content brought her into the tech sphere in New York, where she is working with a company that produces interactive videos (and gave her a nifty visa!) Even with her busy 9-5 schedule, she can't stop watching movies so she's taken on the role of bringing MUFF to NYC as well as attending any and every film festival in the city.

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NATALIE - Marketing Coordinator

Natalie is a new NYC resident, originally from Denver, and an ex-San Francisco resident/lover. After spending a few years as a film festival gypsy, she decided to switch focus and get into film production to bump up the numbers of women in film. If she's not working on set, coordinating the next film, or prepping the next screening, she's probably talking to/petting street cats, gorging at vegan restaurants, or working on more projects that combine her passions for intersectional feminism, veganism, and art.

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AUBREY - Sponsorship Coordinator

Aubrey is a senior in cinema studies at NYU whose interests include eating dumplings in bed and that feeling when you arrive on the subway platform just as the train is pulling in. Originally from a small town in northern California, she is now busy as a full time student and with work at places like Collider and Indiewire. MUFF NYC allows her an opportunity to combine her dual passions for film and feminism, and meet so many awesome ladies in the process.

KATE - Mini MUFF Producer

Kate hails from the backwoods of Maine, but prefers the buzz of NYC. When she's not going to films or taking photos of her cat, she's the Project Manager of the Women Film Pioneers Project, an academic resource out of Columbia University that advances research on the hundreds (and hundreds!) of women who worked during the silent era as directors, producers, editors, distributors, and more.

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