MUFF TO x Ginger Snaps (co-presented by Cinefilles!)

MUFF TO x Ginger Snaps (co-presented by Cinefilles!)

#MUFFxTO - Ginger Snaps (October 14)

Richelle here, checkin' in.  

As I write this, I am more coffee than human, and feel as though I may never sleep a solid night again, (mostly because of the film fest haze of late nights and lots of work from Toronto After Dark), but it is a nostalgic state of being to chat about last week, because the night before Ginger Snaps I didn't sleep a wink due to some serious, heavy-duty excitement. Alongside all of the other tricks and treats us gals had up our sleeves for this screening, it was seriously fun to co-present with our good friends Cinefilles! (Dare I make the 'together forever' joke for the 50th time?)

The talented and uber-lovely makeup artist Kate Weichman from Doc's Monster Design came to provide everyone with gored up and gross gashes and cuts, to make us look like we either got mangled by wolves or were turning into werewolves ourselves after a fresh feed. (I, myself, went for the classy and understated sliced open, gaping bloody neck wound.) Tons of people got in on the fun, and while introducing the movie later that night, it was a hilarious sight to see everyone look so ripped apart. 

As an added treat, like the precious baby angels that they are, the Carlton Cinema provided a very special MUFFtail called The Curse, which is a blood-red slushy with vodka. (Om, nom nom.) 

We also had a moderately ridiculous amount of prizes this time around, with FIVE huge prize packs for our MUFF-goers: 

The first one was: a MoRoCo chocolate gift basket, a full one-month subscription of Horror Block prizes, and a Hemlock Grove book provided by Netflix. 

The second one was: A Netflix notebook and pen, a Summer of Love book from The Beguiling, a Hemlock Grove book provided by Netflix, Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed provided by Cinefilles, and some tasty candy from The Candy Bar

The third was: a Rue Morgue Magazine prize pack (including the new October double issue, a copy of The Human Centipede on DVD and more!) a Hemlock Grove book, a gorgeous handbag from The Coal Miner's Daughter and a Netflix charger.

The fourth: A Rue Morgue prize pack, a Netflix charger, a necklace from The Coal Miner's Daughter, a graphic novel called Ferals from The Beguiling, and TIFF tickets to the Beyond Badass: Female Action Heroes series (of which MUFF is their community partner!)

And last but certainly not least: A Hemlock Grove book, Satanic Panic, provided by Spectacular Optical, TIFF tickets to Beyond Badass, a Netflix notebook and pen and a Rue Morgue prize pack.

And to top off the absolutely amazing evening, the screenwriter of Ginger Snaps Karen freakin' Walton came to do a post-screening Q&A with Cinefilles founder, Emily Gagne! Karen is one of the most punk-rock, outspoken and hilarious ladies I've ever had the pleasure of speaking to, and she said so many inspiring things about being unapologetic in your pursuit to be yourself, that I nearly cried basically like, a hundred times.  

A big thank you to our MUFF Friends & sponsors of this event, who have provided us with a home, support, or amazing prizes for our attendees: Carlton Cinema, The Beguiling, The Candy Bar, Cinefilles, Coal Miner's Daughter, Horror Block, Kate Weichman from Doc's Monster Design, MoRoCo Chocolat, Netflix, Rue Morgue, Spectacular Optical, and the TIFF Beyond Badass: Female Action Heroes series.

Toronto, we'll see you next month for Waynes World on November 18th! 

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