MUFF TO x Ghost World

#MUFFxTO - Ghost World (December 16)

Oh, hey, it's me again, Richelle. 

(Kay, I'm going to try really, really hard to not do the Scarlett Johansson boner quote in this post. I just need to really, really focus.) 

Here's the thing: you know when parents are always on about their kids getting older and how they can't believe how much time has passed and blah blah? I feel like in the past whenever I heard people say stuff like that (most often being my own mother) I rolled my eyes right out of my head and said, "That's how time works," but I feel like I, in some respect, know a little about what they mean now. Our little MUFF turned one year old this past screening, and I absolutely 100010% cannot believe how quickly we're growin' up.

For our birthday screening we opened the programming options up to you guys on our Facebook group, and after a landslide win, Ghost World was picked (secret: it was the one I was totally rooting for), and we all got settled in to bring out our Doc Martens and our giant glasses of milk. (And by that I mean we dressed up in our fancy little dresses, donned some really cute party hats and also blew up like, 30 billion balloons for the lobby.)  

Our adorable pal Marigold the Clown came in to party hearty with us and blew up some seriously impressive and cute balloon art, because seriously, what's a birthday party without a clown? 

I don't think it should be any surprise by this point to say that we had a metric buttload of photobooth props, but the pièce de résistance was an entire bouquet of Steve Buscemi eyes to choose from for maximum beautiful photo opportunity. I believe I had this idea when I was moderately in the bag and my co-producer Lisa naturally beamed at the idea and made it happen, because she is an angel and gets really passionate when she finds something especially hilarious. 

I can only speak personally, but one of my favourite things about programming a film society is meeting the hardcore fans of the movies we're screening. It especially warmed my cockles to see a girl in Seymour gear holding a precious little Enid doll close to her, but there were plenty of people in the crowd who, like us at MUFF, treat this movie like an absolute religion. Because it is so. goddamned. good. and remains unbelievably relevant to this day. It was even easier to get in the birthday GW mood though because once again the Carlton Cinema entertained our silly boozy ideas and helped us create the perfect b-day cocktail: 

Root beer, rum, whipped cream and sprinkles are MUFFApproved part of a balanced diet. 

As per usual because they're the friggin' best, our sponsors came through with some seriously rad prizes which we raffled off before screening the world premiere of Star Princess by Nicole Dorsey as a part of our Mini MUFF this month. They were: 

-Some tasty treats from The Candy Bar + a gift certificate to the shop to get even MORE nummies. 

-A signed copy of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls from Hope Nicholson. 

-So many cute accessories from Coal Miner's Daughter; a purple infinity scarf, a super cool side-show themed necklace and a pair of little white flower earrings. 

-And four books from The Beguiling, which we broke into two prize packs, they were Freddy Stories by Melissa Mendes, Polterguys Vol. 1 by Laurianne Uy, Janes in Love by Cecil Castellucci, and Funeral of Heart by Leah Hayes. 

Before the movie started we played a super cute birthday intro video that our fearless leader Siân made from London, where she shared how she was sad that she couldn't be there that night and promptly got us to nab her a bad ass new Facebook profile photo.

We also attempted to be equally adorable and record the audience screaming, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUFF SOCIETY", but because we program movies and don't make them, this happened: 

There is nothing funnier to me than the fact that the first one is sideways. 

MUFF would like to once again thank our amazing sponsors who make our screenings so much fun, as well as our good pals Cinefilles and our special home, The Carlton Cinema! Thank you for making our first birthday so, so much fun. 



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