Farewell Screening: MUFF x Little Women

Farewell Screening: MUFF x Little Women


Oh hey friends, it's me, Siân. 

I'm writing this a little late, as right after this MUFF screening the holidays hit full force and I was distracted with Very Important Holiday Things like spending time with my family and eating chocolate oranges. 

Somehow this screening already seems millions of years ago even though it was only a few weeks. That could be due to my terrible memory but that's neither here nor there.

What is important, though, is how incredible this farewell screening was. Nearly all of the MUFF crew gathered for this final screening. We launched in 2014 with a film about sisterhood and friendship so it only makes sense that we would end with another film about sisterhood. Plus, Little Women is maybe one of the BEST Christmas movies ever. 

We had two incredible vendors for this screening: Natalie with Natalie Very B and Arwen with Doorway2Fandom. Natalie also designed our most excellent event poster and we were very excited to have her at the pre-show with her illustrations. Arwen provided the pre-show with colourful and cozy knitwear, perfect since it was at least -100C outside (at least). 


Our pre-show featured an epic playlist (because when was the last time you listened to Vitamin C's "Graduation Song"?) and our usual MUFF photobooth. And of course we had limes. OF COURSE. You can see the rest of the photobooth photos here.


Our raffle prizes were lovingly donated by The Candy Bar, Beguiling Books, The Condom Shack, and Coal Miner's Daughter. We sorta felt like Santa giving the gift of candy and condoms to the masses. 

Little Women is a special film, and not just because of the limes! This masterpiece was written by Robin Swicord (based on Louisa May Alcott's book) , directed by Gillian Armstrong, and featured many more women behind the scenes. 

We were also super thrilled to screen an equally special short film as our last mini MUFF feature: In My Mother's Closet. You can read our full profile with filmmakers Adri Almeida and Carolyn Wu HERE. Carolyn Wu attended and presented the short with an impassioned speech about representation in film, especially for queer and trans filmmakers. She is especially wanting to work with more queer and trans people so if that is you, you can hit here up via her website

Thank you all who came to make our last MUFF screening so special. It was truly a magical evening! 

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