MUFFDates: Fall/Winter 2017

MUFFDates: Fall/Winter 2017


Howwwwwwwww is it September already? It seems like just yesterday we were all thinking summer weather would never come and it would be cold forever. We've got to admit we're pretty excited for fall—and not just because we can finally wear layers and scarves and drink hot beverages again! We're excited because our end-of-year programming is better than the return of the PSL. Seriously!

First, you may have noticed we're taking a break this September. Partially because our crew is pretty busy with TIFF but also due to some internal re-organizing but don't worry because it will be October before you know it and this year we're coming at ya with TWO screenings! 

October 4th - HER-Story: My Millennial Life

1 Emily dreaming.jpg

First up is another fantastic HER-Story documentary event with a screening of MY MILLENNIAL LIFE (dir. Maureen Judge), a cross-platform documentary and winner of the Canadian Screen Award for Best Documentary. We're especially honoured to have Maureen, editor Cathy Gulkin and one of the subjects, Meron, in attendance for a Q&A after the screening!

October 25th - Practical Magic


Halloween-time is always tricky for us because we never know what sort of direction we want to go in. Do we go for real scares? Do we go for something gory? Or how about the greatest Halloween gift of all time: Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as sister witches doing their witchy thing. It's going to be great, fam. This is the kind of magic we need! And our lobby pre-show party is going to be epic for this screening, trust us!

November 8th - BWF! and RGT Short Film Night! 


We were so excited about our upcoming short film night with Black Women Film! Canada that we already did a soft announcement a few weeks ago. We'll be going live to accept submissions very soon so stay tuned! 

December 13th - Little Women


The greatest Christmas movie of all time? (Well, second greatest after The Santa Clause, duh). We are SO stoked to be finally showing a Christmas movie in December and nothing could be more perfect than Gillian Armstrong's Little Women! Laugh, cry, swoon, cry some more with all of the March sisters—and don't forget to bring your limes!

MUFF x Goethe Institut: Margarethe & Barbara

MUFF x Goethe Institut: Margarethe & Barbara

MUFF x It Takes Two

MUFF x It Takes Two