HER-Story Presents: Angry Inuk

HER-Story Presents: Angry Inuk

If you were at the last few screenings and check our MUFF blog regularly, then you might have heard us mention HER-STORY, our new documentary series. If this is all new and you are as excited as we are, then you are in for a treat. We are making our official announcement for HER-Story today!

Our passion for documentary film and powerhouse women behind the camera inspired us to curate a series that celebrated successful women filmmakers in the doc sector. Each screening, taking place quarterly, will include a short doc and a feature length doc. Our only criteria is that the director, producer, and/or editor be a woman. And in an effort to keep the focus on the subject matter and filmmakers, we are putting away the sparkles and photo booth props for our HER-Story screenings.

So, when is our first screening and what is it all about? Read on!

In partnership with the wonderful REEL Canada and NFB, we present to you:

ANGRY INUK (directed by Alethea Baril

Winner of Hot Docs best Canadian film 2016, Angry Inuk takes us on a journey to northern Canada, a place that is so misunderstood by the rest of the world. Here, Alethea tells us the real story behind seal hunting, an Inuit tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Did you know that the seals being hunted in the Arctic are NOT in fact endangered? And the little cute white seals we see in animal activist campaigns are pictured for the sole purpose of helping charities raise money to fund their initiatives because it tugs at donors heartstrings? (Let’s be real, we all fall for those cute little white seals...)

BUT WAIT, WHAT? Angry Inuk shows Alethea and her Inuit people’s plea to giants such as Greenpeace and the government, who have long since misrepresented Inuit tradition in media. With the new restrictions placed on the commercial market, seal skins have dropped from $100 a pelt to $10. Iqaluit already presents harsh environmental challenges, but this is one external factor that is having serious consequences on Inuit survival.

HER-Story producer Jenn recently Skpyed with Alethea (side note: she is the coolest ever!). One really interesting fact she shared with us is that though seal hunting is often considered a male-only club, it is the Inuit women who benefit economically from seal hunting as they are the ones preparing and selling seal skins and products.

When put like this, we realized more than ever how important it is to spread the word and educate people. We have to stick together and support each other, no matter which community we live in. 

So, will Alethea be at the screening? You bet your bottom dollar she will be. She has agreed to Skype in (weather dependent), and will be helping Jenn with a secret project that we will be presenting exclusively on the night of. (Ooo, intrigue!)

REEL Canada will be in attendance, as well as our short film directors, Patricia Marcoccia and Sean Stiller. We will be inviting you to stay after the film screening for a short, lively panel discussion! 

Keep an eye on our social media feeds as we make more announcements about the HER-Story launch!

Short: We Make Stories Out of Totem Poles (dir. Patricia Marcoccia, Sean Stiller)
Feature: Angry Inuk (dir. Alethea Baril)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
Lobby | 6PM
Screening | 6:30PM

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