The MUFF Society is proud

to have partnered with these incredible organizations.


Co-presenter - Goethe Institut Toronto 2018
Ulrike Ottinger series
Partner - Black Women Film! Canada 2017
Reel Girl Talk x BWF! Short Film Night
Co-presenter - Goethe Institut Toronto 2017
Margarethe & Barbara series
Co-presenter - Christie Pits Film Festival 2017
Bee Nation
Co-Presenter - Trash Palace 2017
Judy Blume/Beverly Cleary Night
Co-Presenter - Toronto Silent Film Festival 2017
Chicago and Little Annie Rooney
Co-Presenter - Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2016
closing night film The Lure
Co-presenter - Goethe Institut Toronto 2016
fHEISTy Women Robbing Banks series
Co-presenter - Christie Pits Film Festival 2016
I Put A Hit On You, Meek's Cutoff
Co-Presenter - Drunken Cinema 2016
The Slumber Party Massacre
Co-Presenter - Toronto Silent Film Festival 2016
opening night film Why Be Good?
Community Sponsor - Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival 2015
opening night film Farhope Tower
Community Partner - TIFF 2015
Beyond Badass: Female Action Heroes series

We have also collaborated with these organizations/films as well: 
Mary Goes Round
Etheria Film Night
Inside Out LGBT Film Festival
Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema


because wondering if other publications giggle whenever they type out "MUFF" is a constant source of amusement for us. 


MUFFfriends ARE

Kinda like a boyfriend or girlfriend except way better. We  went "steady" with these awesome companies. Over the years they helped make our MUFF events happen. Go show them some love already.