The MUFF Society

A feminist community that celebrates women in film/TV.

The MUFF Society (Monthly Underground Female Film Society) is a feminist community based in Toronto that celebrates women—both on and off screen—in film and television. We accomplish this by by providing our community with stories of interest, news about local women-centric films and events, and writing/profiles on our blog.

Three ways you can contribute.

1. Submit a piece to our MUFF Blog.

Given how goddamn hard is is for women to make it in the film/television industry (um, any industry, really), all of their achievements (in front of or behind the camera) should be celebrated. Like our monthly screening events, the MUFF Blog serves to further the celebration and we want to make it a collaborative effort. That’s where you come in! We want to share the movies and television shows you love and the women who make them awesome with our entire community. Spread the love, like they say.

2. Make it rain.

The MUFF Society is run entirely through the love, dedication, and crafting skills of our MUFFians and generous sponsors. With your added donations, we can continue to bring you awesome films. Help us celebrate women in film/television!

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3. Join the Society.

Wanna be a bigger part of The MUFF Society? Sweeeeet. MUFFians are the sparkly, unstoppable rockstars who make all of this happen. Click that pretty pink button below and tell us how you'd like to contribute and we'll be in touch.

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