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#MissMUFF: Jane Goldman

I really wanted to do my first #MissMUFF for April and I knew exactly who I was going to write about too. It came to me last month when I was practicing my ukulele and watching Kingsman: The Secret Service, as one does: Jane Goldman.

#MissMUFF: The Soska Twins

#MissMUFF is our newest monthly feature. Think of it sort of like one of those wall calendars but instead of a different cute kitten for each month, we're highlighting a badass woman in film. Way better than kittens! In honour of Women in Horror Month, we're highlighting the amazing Soska Sisters.

Mini MUFF Profile: Nicole Dorsey

Star Princess was submitted to us just under two months ago. We were about halfway through watching it the first time around when we thought, “This is great! It would probably pair pretty well with Ghost World!” A few moments later and we were yelling, “THIS IS FATE.” We won’t spoil anything by saying more than that, but just know that this is a perfect pairing!