#MUFFApproved x 52 Films By Women: January

#MUFFApproved x 52 Films By Women: January

#MUFFApproved x 52 Films By Women - January 

One of my main reasons for creating an online community for MUFF is that I believe that one of the best things we can do to lift up women in the film industry is to watch their work and tell every damn body about it. Promoting the amazing works of women directors that already exist will play a part in future works being made. 

That's why I was super excited to learn about the 52 Films By Women pledge from Women in Film (WIF). It's super easy:

Step one: watch at least one film by a woman filmmaker a week
Step two: share it on social media with the #52FilmsByWomen hashtag
Step three: repeat steps one and two for 52 (or more) weeks 

Like I said, super easy. 

I've signed up for the pledge and started in January. I'm going to be documenting my monthly films here because obviously they're all #MUFFapproved. Obvs. Now, January was a bit of a weird month for me because I was working/playing/not sleeping at Sundance Film Festival. I saw a whopping 20 films. Out of the 20 films I watched, 11 were women-directed. I started focusing more on women-directed films at Sundance last year when I started covering the Festival for Cinefilles and it's been fucking fantastic. 

I feel kind of weird sharing films that nobody else can watch yet as part of this challenge, so where I'm able to, I've recommended another film by that director. Ready? First, don't forget to sign up for the pledge already! Second, away we go: 

Girlhood (dir. Céline Sciamma) - Okay, so I watched this before I left but hoorah for you because it's on Netflix! It's an absolutely exquisite film that will make you long for the days you were young and thought to yourself, "I'm going to live forever." 

Norman Lear: Just Another Version Of You (dir. Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady) - This is a bit different from their prior films (Detropia, 12th and Delaware, Jesus Camp), but worth a watch. I went in not knowing anything about Normal Lear (shame on me) and left with a new sense of respect and wonder. Read my Cinefilles review here! 
Watch right now: Jesus Camp 

Hooligan Sparrow (dir. Nanfu Wang) - This is Wang's first film so I can't recommend another one, however you'll want to watch out for this film because it's powerful and poetic and even terrifying at times. Read my Cinefilles review here and pray this movie finds distribution because your life will be better having seen it. 

Maggie's Plan (dir. Rebecca Miller) - Greta Gerwig can do no wrong in my eyes, but add a bumbling Ethan Hawke and a wrapped-in-sweaters haughty Julianne Moore and it may be the best movie of all time. Maybe a slight exaggeration but did I mention the giant jar of pickles? That's what I thought.
Watch right now: The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee

Tallulah (dir. Siân Heder) - I feel like since we're name buddies, Siân and I are destined to be friends. Totally. But that's not why I love this movie. I love it because it's expertly balances funny and drama and even a bit of incredulousness but most importantly because it puts Allison Janney and Ellen Page together on screen again. Cinefilles review here! 

Certain Women (dir. Kelly Reichardt) - I don't know if anyone can make a movie quiet like Reichardt does. Nuanced and quiet, her stories capture the in-between and the overlooked and makes it all so damn beautiful. Cinefilles review here! 
Watch right now: Wendy & Lucy  

The Intervention (dir. Clea DuVall) - Be really happy Clea DuVall is making movies because she's damn good at it. This was one of my favourites of the entire festival and I imagine it will make my top five for the year as well. Funny, heartfelt, never trying too hard, and I just want to see more Melanie Lynskey in movies, please. Cinefilles review here! 

The Lure (dir. Agnieszka Smoczynska) - All I have to say about this is: mermaid vampire horror musical. Seriously. If you need more than that to pique your interest, something is wrong with you. Cinefilles review here!

Trapped (dir. Dawn Porter) - This documentary was high on my list and it didn't disappoint. I really think it's one of the most important American documentaries of 2016. Fight to see it. Cinefilles review here! 
Watch right now: Gideon's Army

Lovesong (dir. So Yong Kim) - A bittersweet, delicate exploration of friendship—boundaries, bonds, limits, love. Jenna Malone and Riley Keough are superb. Su. Perb. Cinefilles review here!
Watch right now: For Ellen

The Fits (dir. Anna Rose Holmer) - Another standout, unique first-time feature on my list, The Fits is an intense, psychological portrait of girlhood through the eyes of an 11-year-old girl named Toni. It's beautifully filmed and choreographed. Cinefilles review here! 
Watch right now: Baby (music video) 

NUTS! (dir. Penny Lane) - I don't even know how to describe this documentary. I guess I could say it's....nuts! Ahahahahah. Okay, I'm done. But, seriously, this is a trip of a documentary, with Lane deftly shaping the story only to wrench it completely upside-down at the end. Cinefilles review here!
Watch right now: Our Nixon

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